Faustus von Geheimn

I am the scion of a line older than a millennium, yet here I am surrounded by uncouth peasants who've overthrown the greatest of systems


Always in sharp hand-sewn custom made silk suits in a variety of cuts. For the Texas climate he prefers whites and grays to ward of the heat. Takes great pride in his appearance and walks confidently albeit carefully always scanning the surroundings. He leans heavily on his cane and seems to always wear a vest with his suit, old habits and tradition surround him. Ever polite in his superiority he considers to obvious displays of emotion a weakness. Ever courteous he noticeably treats the women better than men, even if it’s not saying much as some may see the deeply veiled contempt he feels for the country. What are his reasons to be here? To study of course. ETU does attract the strangest sort.

He usually moves around in a stark white sports car. Strange how he likes to accentuate a genetic disorder.


A hospital room inside on a bed covered by a multitude of wires lies an old man. His hairless head ravaged by age and worry, next to him sits a youth. His face too is pale, hair blank white, eyes red, it’s obvious that he suffers from albinism. A rasping voice can be heard: “Mein Sohn… I’ve heard that you cough resigned from your studies of economics at Cambridge. Why have you done that? You love it, mein klein genie.” The youth responds:" Vater, I have alongside Herr Tamaki chosen to pursue another opportunity. You’ve taught me all you know about economics and it’s more than any degree can provide. It would be more prudent to study a different subject. I’ve decided on corporate law but I know that you and Herr Hooley have never gotten along so Cambridge is out of the equation, I’ve picked a nice quite renowned for its law department university in eastern Texas. Ich weiß America is a country of commoners and other riffraff but the faculty is truly great. Trust me." The patient wheezes and sputters: “Of course mein Sohn, you are so kind to visit your sick father, I’m so proud of you, taking the mantle of the chairman of the Millennium Corporation after you finish your studies will surely be taxing for you, but there is no other way is there? Now go I’m getting a bit drowsy” “Auf wiedersehn Vater, I’ll ask the nurses to install Skype on the LCD TV here so I can call you from Texas” With a pleasant smile the youth departs.

Faustus von Geheimn

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