House Rules

This document will change as we see what’s in the books and as things occur to me to add, so be aware of that.

Rule options:

Gritty damage will be used. To sum this up, whenever a hero takes a wound (or wounds) they will roll on the injury table and apply that injury result until the wound is healed. This means that wounds become more personal. It also makes things a bit deadlier, though counter balancing this is the fact that modern medicine is available in the setting, and given the time frame of four years across the campaign, there should be reasonable stretches of “down time” to allow recuperation. I could have this effect all wild cards if there’s a strong desire, but I think it would probably be more trouble than the effort is worth.

Guns as Clubs I generally allow pistols to be used as melee weapons as STR+1d4 damage, and long guns as STR+1d6. On a result of 1 on the trait die, there may be an incident, either damage to the weapon (usually only if you’re hitting something particularly hard), or an accidental discharge if the gun is still loaded. This is mostly useful if you’re using a long gun and get stuck in melee with something.

Fixing Used Car Glitches I think I will allow players to pay to get some glitches repaired. It only works where it makes sense. For instance, you might replace your bald tires, a new paint job might remove the doppleganger glitch, you might be able to exorcise a possessing spirit or gremlins, etc… It won’t be cheap, and I’ll draw a new glitch to replace it the following semester, I think, as something else always seems to come up with your clunker. But hey, it’s an option!

Starting Skills Given the nature of the game and its focus on growth, I’m going to expand the skill limitation slightly to say that starting characters can have only one skill at d8.

House Rules

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