Alexander Cabral

Destroy a city to save the state. Destroy a state to save the country.




My father was a warrior, his father was a warrior, and his father the same. My ancestry are soldiers, knights of their country. Defenders, fighters, soldiers… My ancestry goes far… all the way to Pedro Álvares Cabral, a Portuguese nobleman, military commander, navigator and explorer regarded as the discoverer of Brazil. I am proud of my ancestry and of my country I live in today. My great-grandfather moved here from Italy after the Great War. My father tells me great stories of the Cabral family. I have been raised since birth to be the perfect soldier that fights for his country, what ever country it may be so long as he believes in it, he shall fight and die for it.
Trained Since Youth
Trained to have military discipline I am native to Texas, but my blood is Italian and I am proud of both blood and birth country. I have always been taught to be militarily fit, physically and psychologically. Meaning… I can fight when necessary and think when necessary, through this discipline I am willing study hard without hindrance. A warrior with a brain is stronger than a warrior with a sword. With this in mind I do not waste my time in anything, it is work and only work, fun is an option given to the dead; I push my studies and will not walk through college but sprint through it.
Combat Capabilities
I have since 6 been in martial arts classes that my father has put me into. I have various degrees of black belt in: Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Ju Jit Zu, Krav Maga and Kenjutsu (the Japanese art of sword fighting). My melee combat is exceptional though I can still improve and must improve. I have learned how to shoot but cannot be confident there. But since youth martial arts training has led me to be very pain tolerant.
Beliefs and views
Loyalty stands above all, when an order is given I shall commence it or die trying. My colleagues are not aware of these beliefs as it would make me stand different, would make me “Strange”. All I know is if killing them saves a better cause I will do so without question. As for all these rich kids here in this school, I am no mercenary but collegiate purposes if I was to get a benefactor to “sponsor” me I can use the money for a wise and useful cause, to serve myself and my benefactor without question.

p.s. This does not may me psychologically unstable just fiercely loyal.

Alexander Cabral

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