FG Degrees of Horror

GM Log: Session 2

Ghost Hunting 101

August 23rd-October 17th, 2014

Nightmares have begun to plague the group of students, though that fact has not been shared among each other as of yet. In addition, certain strange occurrences have been noted during the first days of class, and on occasion in the first few weeks.

Faustus met with Glenmac and gave his interview, as did all of the students, actually. And a few weeks into the semester, he invited them for some weekend work helping him hunt ghosts and investigate a haunting. The boys declined, but Pru wanted to do it to satisfy her curiousity, and the others were too valorous (possibly shamed?) to let her go without them.

They seemed to be suspecting something deadly, and were faced with something far more domestic. The two nights passed with various haunting incidents, strange noises, smells, moving objects, and other phenomenon. And a valiant effort was made to record these happens with the borrowed equipment.

There was a little danger at the end of the stakeout, but it wasn’t so bad… They they found out that the father had a good idea what the source of the haunting was, and eventually managed to convince his former mother-in-law to relinquish her harassment of the family.

In the end the evidence was interesting, but not particularly conclusive.

There were also exams! Faustus has started to fall behind, but the other students are just squeaking by, making some connections with campus faculty in the process of their last minute cramming.

OOC Notes:

It went ok… not great. Hauntings seem to be tricky with regards to pacing, particularly when there aren’t particularly strong options available to the PCs for dealing with ghosts (though there normally shouldn’t be). Do spooky things, let things calm, do spooky things, let things calm some more… We’ll see if we can’t improve it in the future.

I feel like there’s something I want to do with exams and bennies. I like having them at the end of sessions, but I want to think about ways to open up earning bennies specifically for use on exams, and taking normal session bennies out of the equation on exams. I’ll need to think on this more.



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